Welcome Message

On behalf of the Korea Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (KATH) and Korea Racing Authority (KRA), it is our greatest honor and privilege to host the 17th HETI International Congress from June 7-10, 2021, in Seoul, Korea, as an In-person & Virtual Hybrid Congress.

The world has seen a fair bit of challenges since last year due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, as the global situation has not markedly improved, it is difficult to anticipate how international travel restrictions will change by June. As our priority is always the health and safety of our attendees, the 17th HETI International Congress Organizing Committee has decided to move forward with an In-person & Virtual Hybrid Congress and made our program more compact by reducing the length from 5 days to 4 days.

Our exciting 4-day program will feature diverse incentives and maximum benefits to all attendees who participate either in-person or virtually in the 17th HETI International Congress. Importantly, all KATH and KRA members are working diligently to create opportunities as a rallying point for a broad range of constituencies of researchers, therapists, instructors, volunteers, and participants in EAAT to provide an effective platform for all to share up-to-date information, expertise, and knowledge in the field of equine-assisted activities and therapies.

We thank you for your understanding of the change to the Congress format and hope for your active participation. Stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to welcoming you both in-person and virtually at the 17th HETI International Congress.

Yours sincerely,

It is a great honor for the HETI 2021 SEOUL Organizing Committee to host the upcoming International Congress in Seoul, South Korea, welcoming experts and officials from all over the world to catch up on the latest trends taking place in the field of equine assisted activity and therapy industry.

The equine industry is one of Korea's strategically nurtured industries, with both federal and local participation in all regions. The Korea Racing Authority is taking leadership in equine assisted activities and therapies while creating social value and popularity in horse racing for leisure, especially for demographic groups such as fire fighters, military officers, and marine police.

The upcoming 2021 HETI International Congress promises to be an adventure with Seoul as our backdrop, an ancient and modern city with something for everyone. Seoul is the ideal location for us to come together to lay the foundation for sustainable development of equine assisted activities and therapies.

Korea is a leader in advanced technology in various industries, from semiconductors to everyone's favorite K-Pop bands, and to our success with combatting the spread of COVID-19. Seoul, the host city, is Korea's capital and dynamic tourist destination offering rich history and culture for you to explore.

I look forward to seeing you in Seoul, South Korea in June 2021, and hope you stay safe and well until then.

Yun-Hee Kim
Co-Chair, HETI 2021 Organizing Committee
President, Korea Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship
Woo Nam Kim
Co-Chair, HETI 2021 SEOUL
CEO, Korea Racing Authority